The Early Years

The early years is an important time for nurturing, growth and development; which create strong foundations for a child’s life that can allow them thrive throughout their schooling and adult lives.

At Amici we aim to provide an environment that has strong community links, is family orientated, incorporates sustainable practices, and is well resourced and provokes children’s interests.

Learning through play and respect for children is embedded into our practices and guided by our centre Philosophy. We value children’s family backgrounds and build relationships with all families based on mutual respect and open communication.

Incorporating The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), our interest based emergent play, inspires children to engage in all curriculum experiences and learning opportunities.

We encourage and support children to explore their world and belong to a centre that recognises the importance of natural play. Our natural environments and play scapes provide spontaneous, stimulating and challenging experiences that allow each child to develop at their own level through play and exploration.

We endeavour to incorporate sustainable practices into our everyday routines and curriculum. We embed sustainability by gardening, recycling, using open ended resources and implementing water and energy conservation techniques.

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