Amici has a strong commitment to provide an environment which focuses on developing skills that will benefit children when they go to school and throughout their lifelong learning journey. Our Kindergarten Program is implemented by a Qualified Early Childhood Teacher.

Their curriculum is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) My Time Our Place (MTOP) Framework as well as many other early childhood theories, and the Education Department school curriculum that is also used by schools in our local area. The main focus of our Kindergarten program is to provide children with endless opportunities to become independent individuals. 

Throughout a child’s time within the Kindergarten room they will discover that there are opportunities for free exploration and also structured activities incorporated within our program. Children have many opportunities throughout the day to practice developing self help skills for life. 

The program in the Kindy room has a large focus on building literacy skills that will hopefully assist the children in preparing for their transition to formal schooling. We also provide a variety of experiences that encourage learning about sustainability, emotions, diversity, community awareness, gross and fine motor development, creativity and much more. 

Literacy and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are integrated in a unique manner that encompasses a diverse range of learning styles within the room. Children are given multiple opportunities to extend on their literacy, and STEM skills in tactile learning opportunities indoors and outdoors. Using our ability to problem solve and investigate, children extend on their understanding of the world with an inquiry driven curriculum. 

 Our focus is on making your child’s transition to school as smooth as possible and giving your child important skills to help them enter school as confident, capable and involved

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