Hilton Early Learning Centre

About Amici Hilton

Amici Early Learning Hilton is located in the City of Fremantle just on the outskirts, in Hilton.

The centre is purpose built with large open spaces with all rooms having natural lighting with large windows and half of the centre having high ceilings. Three out of the four rooms have access between the indoor and outdoor environment, which allows for a smooth transition throughout the day.

The children grouping is according to their development and/or age. With this in mind, we aim to be flexible and accommodate the children’s strengths and capabilities. This service consists of 4 rooms; Adventurers Room, Builders Room, Creators Room and the Discoverers Room.

The play structures within our outdoor area include large natural trees, musical instruments, small gardens, a combination of artificial and natural grassed areas, tree stumps, logs, rocks and water to offer a wide range of opportunities to connect children back to nature, stimulate creativity and encourage development. With the large outdoor area being a communal play space for three out of four of the rooms, it allows the children to engage in play-based learning together.

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